Pioneer in the segment

An iconic company, recognized for doing much more than selling stones. Marbrasa is a pioneer in the segment, and for 55 years it is a reference in inspiring people to take advantage of the riches that nature offers us, with quality delivery in products and services.

Headquartered in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, in Espírito Santo, Marbrasa is a reference in its industrial hub.

High Quality

It is also a reference because, besides inspiring, it is concerned with creating trends and generating new behaviors, combining selection, extraction, and processing of quality products.

That is why Marbrasa continuously invests in processes, technology, and its own quarries.

So that your customers can enjoy the best of life with the most beautiful ornamental stones.

All Continents

Marbrasa sells in all continents, being recognized by the beauty, exclusivity, originality, and the high quality standard of its materials.


All this comes from the constant investments in state-of-the-art technology and the acquisition of our own quarries, but mainly from the respect and commitment to the environment and to our employees, partners, and customers.

Our mission

To extract and sell marble and granite from our own and partners' quarries. With large and high-tech equipment, always in constant updating, besides a qualified and trained labor force, our mission is to extract the best to offer the world the elegance and robustness of classic and exclusive ornamental rocks.

Our Vision

To boost productivity, through investments in the continuous improvement of administrative, commercial, industrial, and collaborative processes, in order to be recognized in the five continents as a reference in Brazilian ornamental stones.

Our Values

- Quality
- Transparency
- Commitment
- Enthusiasm
- Organization